Hugh Taylor Award

The article “Fields of Vision,” which I coauthored with Prof. Paul Conway in 2011, received the 2012 Hugh A. Taylor Prize from the Association of Canadian Archivists. The prize is awarded annually to recognize the most significant article published in Archivaria, the premier Canadian archival journal. The award is given for presenting “new ideas or refreshing syntheses in the most imaginative way, especially by exploring the implications of concepts or trends from other disciplines for archival thinking and activity, and by extending the boundaries of archival theory in new directions.”

The prize was announced at the ACA summer meeting in Banff, Canada. The citation reads in part:

The authors’ innovative “fields of vision” theory complements theoretical discussions of the effects of digitization by adopting a user-centred perspective. The article offers significant insights into the various ways in which users attach value to, and construct meaning from, original and digitized images.

Copies of the article may be obtained from Archivaria or in the publications section.

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