Recent Awards

I was honored to receive two recent awards. In August 2009, I received the Oliver Wendell Holmes award from the Society of American Archivists. The award is given annually to an SAA member from outside the U.S. to subvent costs in attending the Society’s annual meeting. Oliver Wendell Holmes was a member of SAA, and an archivist, who joined the National Archives staff in 1935 and served in many capacities, including that of executive director of the National Historical Publications Commission. Holmes was a Fellow of SAA and past president.

Last fall, my research poster on the virtual reunification of the Worcester Philippine photograph collection was honored with the “People’s Choice” award at the UM School of Information’s fall research exposition. The award was chosen through a blind ballot election open to all attendees at the fair. To learn more about this project, read about my dissertation research. Read the press release here.

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The Culion Archives

Detail from an article in the SI@Umich newsletter (Spring 2008) that featured my research.

One of my major projects has been the Culion Museum and Archives, a community institution on Culion Island in the Palawan region of the southwest Philippines. In 2005 and 2006, I worked as a consultant to organize and preserve records of the leprosarium founded on Culion by the U.S. and later continued by the Philippine government. Many individuals afflicted with Hansen’s disease (colloquially known as leprosy) were forcibly taken to the island and incarcerated there in the early twentieth century, which gave rise to Culion’s reputation as an “Island of No Return.” Since the development of treatment for the condition in the 1980s, the image of Culion has changed. As I found in my work there, many of the residents now see the town’s history as a medico-penal colony transformed into a mark of status and community pride.

In 2006, a new exhibit at the Culion Museum celebrated the opening of the town’s newly established and preserved archives. Some of that celebration, including photos and archival records, is documented by the Global Project on the History of Leprosy in their pages on Culion. You can also find a general description of archival records and books available at the Culion archives.

Related: My 2009 article, ‘All the Things We Cannot Articulate.’

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UP SLIS @ 50

The School of Library and Information Studies at the University of the Philippines, my alma mater and home faculty, celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. Founded in 1961, the faculty is now the leading education institution for library and information education in the Philippines. The anniversary commemoration begins this month with an open house, an exhibit on the School’s history, and a school-wide amnesty from library fees!

Happy Birthday UP SLIS!

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This is my growing professional portfolio. Check back soon for more news, information, and interesting things about what I’m up to!

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