Rackham Centennial Symposium

Rackham Centennial Symposium Poster
Virtual Reunification: Bits and Pieces Put Together to Form a Semblance of a Whole
On Thursday, the Rackham Graduate School will celebrate its centennial with a symposium featuring presentations by graduate students. My research, alongside nearly 200 other students, will be showcased at the event. I will present a research poster based on my ongoing research on virtual reunification of the series of ethnographic photographs taken by Dean C. Worcester in the Philippines. The poster, drawn from my dissertation research, is titled “Virtual Reunification: Reassembling Bits and Pieces to Form a Semblance of a Whole.”

The event will take place all day at the Rackham Graduate School (how to get there) on Thursday, February 16. To see a larger version of the poster, click the image above.

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