Social Justice and Digital Repatriation

I will be speaking at the UMSI Social Justice Series this Friday. My talk, titled “Options for Digital Repatriation: The Case of the Worcester Ethnographic Photographs of Indigenous Philippines,” will explore the possibilities and ethics of digitally repatriating cultural heritage materials. Drawing on my work with early-twentieth-century ethnographic photographs, the talk will explore “virtual reunification” as an option to return cultural heritage materials to source communities. I will discuss the ethnographic photographs attributed to Dean C. Worcester from the 1890s to about 1914 as a case through which to examine options for creating digital surrogate copies that could be repatriated via digital media to return images to source communities. The talk will draw on archival research and interviews that I undertook for my doctoral work.

The talk begins at 12:00 noon in room 2185 at North Quad. Hope to see you there!

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